Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's ARTastic's 1st Birthday!!


..... and there are 14 competitions for you to enter and WIN!! Yes 14 ...!!! So what are you waiting for?
Here are the conditions of entry:
1) The quizes and competitions will be listed in the first half of the blog - you will have to scroll half way down the page to come to the challenges, submissions, Guest DT subs and all entries for the month.

2) Please read instructions to Quizes carefully as some answers will be required to be made in the comments section of that blog post.

3) All answers (unless specified) to be sent to with Quiz number and/or title in the subject line.

4) You must send one email per each quiz entry. As they will be shifted to folders. Please dont send multiple answers in one email :)

5) Limit to 3-4 emails per person per day (for Shazza's sanity lol)

6) Any questions or probs just email Shazza :)

Good luck everyone!



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