Monday, April 11, 2011

Holiday Scrapping

Little Scrapbook Shop - April Cybercrop challenge #3
My beautiful Cover Girl Goddaughter and her little sister sharing a
special moment with me when I visited last year.

Little Scrapbook Shop - April Cybercrop challenge #4
A timepiece was the inspiration and we had to cut the photo ........
so given that Holly's third birthday is fast approaching I
thought it was perfect to scrap about how time has flown since the day I picked her!

I love the fact that I am on holidays and have time to scrap and just enjoy it immensely. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. gorgeous!!!!! what can I say - you rock - sending you a pressie this week including Mays kit

  2. These layouts are divine... I love the background and the flowers on the "Adored" layout! Caitlyn says that the Holly layout is "cute and adorable!"


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