Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday HOLLY!

It will be three years since I bought my beautiful Holly girl home from the pet shop and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Here she is with her birthday presents (blankie & penguin) from Aunty Lisa and family. She just loves them! The perfect squeaky toy and the blankie, which is on the bed and right now she is fast asleep on it!!

For those of you who know me well, you know how much my Holly means to me and we have so much fun every year opening presents (yes she opens presents - well trained) and we will have a special little doggie cupcake too! She is the most beautiful pet ever!!


  1. she is so beautiful ... happy birthday Miss Holly

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY DOLLY!!!. She looks so adorable with her little pressies Shelley. I know exactly what your little furry girl means to you as i am exactly the same with Bert & Simone. You are a good Mum Shelley. Hugs & kisses to Holly. Love Clare, Bert & Simone xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to the sweetest doggie I know! The divine Miss H!
    I bet she loves her special treat today, & she enjoys you singing Happy Birthday to her too.
    Love us here & the kitties xx

  4. Happy Birthday Holly! I am sorry my blog birthday wishes are belated, but I am so happy that our gifts arrived on time! I know the penguin toy is squeaky... we'll have to get a quieter present next time! xxx


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