Saturday, April 3, 2010

New BLOG Design

I've finally found a blog design that I am happy with and I have also navigated how to edit all the fonts to make it fit! Sorry for the changes but I promise this one is here to stay!!

Luv Shelee :)


  1. I like!!! Its fresh and bright - great choice :)

  2. Hi Shelee & Holly! very noice bloggy background!!! some beautiful LO's Shelee girl. Happy Easter to you both. Hugs Clare xxx

  3. Hey there Shelee, I'm luvin the new look too.

    Happy Easter. Luv Sandie

  4. Thanks girls! I'm still a bit of a blog novice after all this time! It just took being on holidays to have enough time to sit for long enough to work it all out! YAY!!


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