Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I can't believe it! I submitted 12 layouts to the online Scrapbook Magazine called "Scrapbook News & Review" about a month ago and I received a confirmation letter yesterday they would like to publish all 12 of them starting on the 21st Feb.

Look out for them in the following categories:

By Style:
'Full Speed Ahead', 'Holly' (ARTastic DT LO), 'Lovin' Life @ 39', 'Best Friends' (ARTastic DT LO), 'One Of A Kind'
'Believe', 'Holly', 'Simply Irresistible'
Fun & Playful:
'Caitlyn', 'Let's Get Physical'
Tots & Toddlers
'Beautiful You'

I've sent off all the relevant details for them to be published online, so fingers crossed now that they actually appear on the weekend!!

AND ..... for having 12 layouts published I receive 12 months free subscription to the site.

I'm so proud to see my work receiving some recognition after all these years!

Luv Shelee :)


  1. Holy cow that is bloody awesome 12 layouts wooo hoo congrats Shelee

  2. I bet you really are dancing on the ceiling Shelee!!! What FAB news...woo hoo!! Congratulations on your heard work, that has been well appreciated!!xxxx

  3. Congrats on the publications!! Lovely to see your gorgeous LO's accepted! Bet Miss Holly will be proud to have her Mummy published ... not to mention the gorgeous photos of herself in some of the LO's ;o)

  4. Congratulations Shelee ! You must be very proud of yourself. Looking forward to seeing them all online! Well Done !


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